Concert Program II

Bach to Beethoven (Livestream)

A straight line leads from Bach, the musical monarch of the Baroque, to Beethoven, the composer who would reinvent the art in its entirety. Along the way, many composers made weighty contributions: Bach’s sons attained fame with more populist music; Haydn invented the symphony and string quartet; and virtually everything that Mozart created was of unearthly beauty. Riding on all this momentum, a youthful Beethoven broke from the starting gate, stunning the musical establishment with works of unimagined daring, invention, and excitement. 


Johann Christian Bach(1735–1782)
Quintet in G major for Flute, Oboe, Violin, Viola, and Continuo, op. 11, no. 2 (1774)
Joseph Haydn(1732–1809)
Divertimento in C major for Winds, Strings, and Continuo, Hob. II:11, The Birthday (1765)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(1756–1791)
Piano Trio in G major, K. 564 (1788)
Ludwig van Beethoven(1770–1827)
Septet in E-flat major for Winds and Strings, op. 20 (1799)