Festival Visual Artist

enricoEach season, Music@Menlo invites a distinguished visual artist to display work which complements the festival’s theme, on-site and in festival publications. This year, Music@Menlo welcomes Klari Reis as our 2019 Visual Artist.

San Francisco artist Klari Reis grew up in the Menlo Park area down the road from her concert pianist grandmother, Kato Mendelssohn Reis (born January 29, 1919; died August 15, 2017); as a descendant of the famous composer, music and creativity seemed to come naturally. Klari uses reflective epoxy polymer to depict microscopic images. The effect is hopeful, almost playful, belying the serious nature of the subject matter. Her petri-dish installations are supported by steel rods and sit at varying degrees of distance from the wall, evoking depth and motion. Working with biotech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Reis uses organic cellular imagery and natural reactions to explore our complex relationship with today’s biotech industry. To learn more, visit www.klariart.com.

Past Visual Artists

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2017: Enrico Giannini / Lilian Finckel
2016: Andrei Petrov
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2009: Theo Noll
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