Festival Visual Artist

Each season, Music@Menlo invites a distinguished visual artist to exhibit a selection of their work throughout the festival and showcases their work in the festival’s publications. The 2021 visual artist is painter, printmaker, and sculptor Donald Sultan. Born in 1951 in Asheville, North Carolina, Sultan received his bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and his master of fine arts degree from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. He moved to New York in 1975, and held his first solo show in 1977. Although his paintings fit into the criteria of still life, Sultan describes these works as first and foremost abstract. He has become known for his ability to successfully merge the best of yesterday’s artistic tradition with a fresh, unique approach to imagery and materials. Sultan’s extensive body of work has placed him at the forefront of contemporary art; his pieces are included in the permanent collections of many prestigious institutions including the Museum of Modern Art, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Past Visual Artists

2021: Donald Sultan
2019: Klari Reis
2018: Gonzalo Fonseca
2017: Enrico Giannini / Lilian Finckel
2016: Andrei Petrov
2015: Katia Setzer
2014: Tracey Adams
2013: Sebastian Spreng
2012: Eric J. Heller
2011: John Morra
2010: Alex S. MacLean
2009: Theo Noll
2008: Doug Glovaski
2007: Gustavo Ramos Rivera
2006: Younhee Paik
2005: Caio Fonseca
2004: Darren Waterston
2003: Robert Kelly