Festival Visual Artist

Each season, Music@Menlo invites a distinguished visual artist to exhibit a selection of their work throughout the festival and showcases their work in the festival’s publications. The 2022 visual artist is painter Simon Bull. (born March 6, 1958) is an English-born artist living in Carmel. His brightly colorful artworks are inspired by nature, infused with joy, and embrace a wide range of innovative printmaking techniques. California’s Central Coast is a source of limitless inspiration, with its vast array of landscape, flora and fauna. Soon after graduating with honors from Leeds Polytechnic, he won the distinguished British Fine Art Trade Guild’s Artist Print Award in 2000. In 2002, Bull was selected, along with fellow artists Thomas Kinkade and Howard Behrens, to commemorate the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

After Moving to the United States with his wife and family in 2003, he became the first British artist to win the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers Award not just once, but twice along with a NALED Medal of Honor. In 2007, Bull was invited to paint a series of portraits for Muhammad Ali. Many of these works, signed by both artist and boxing legend, are in the collection of the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisvillle, KY.

In 2017, Simon Bull opened his MEUSE Gallery in Carmel-by-the-Sea along with a second MEUSE Gallery location in St. Helena in 2019. In this same year, Simon was honored as the Official Artist of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. Bull’s unique and vibrant perspectives of the natural world have stirred the souls of collectors and fans on every continent. He is honored to be the 2022 featured artist for the Menlo Music Festival. Please feel free to explore more of his repertoire on www.meusegallery.com.

Past Visual Artists

2022: Simon Bull
2021: Donald Sultan
2019: Klari Reis
2018: Gonzalo Fonseca
2017: Enrico Giannini / Lilian Finckel
2016: Andrei Petrov
2015: Katia Setzer
2014: Tracey Adams
2013: Sebastian Spreng
2012: Eric J. Heller
2011: John Morra
2010: Alex S. MacLean
2009: Theo Noll
2008: Doug Glovaski
2007: Gustavo Ramos Rivera
2006: Younhee Paik
2005: Caio Fonseca
2004: Darren Waterston
2003: Robert Kelly