• <em>Voyage Through the Americas</em>, Behind the Music

    Voyage Through the Americas, Behind the Music

    This event will be an in-depth discussion illuminating the spirit and background of our unique program. We will examine the lives of the composers, the history of each work, and ...

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  • <em>Voyage through the Americas</em>, Concert Program

    Voyage through the Americas, Concert Program

    Voyage Through the Americas celebrates the rich tapestry of musical influences across North and South America, featuring the works of eight iconic composers. Aaron Copland’s El Salón México and George ...

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  • <em>A Spanish Journey</em>, Behind the Music

    A Spanish Journey, Behind the Music

    Traditional Spanish music is well known for its vibrant and unique sound, but is less frequently heard in the classical realm. Originally inspired by Greek Orthodox music in the sixth ...

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  • <em>A Spanish Journey</em>, Concert Program

    A Spanish Journey, Concert Program

    Spanish music has a rich history that dates all the way back to the Medieval period. A Spanish Journey is a vibrant program that features the music of Spanish composers ...

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