Menlo School

The Festival Campus

View the Menlo School campus map here.

Menlo School, one of the nation’s leading independent college-preparatory schools, has been the home of Music@Menlo since its inaugural season in 2003. The Menlo School campus is host to many of the festival concerts, the Encounter series, and Music@Menlo’s Chamber Music Institute. The school’s classrooms offer an ideal setting for rehearsals and coachings, while Martin Family Hall and Stent Family Hall’s Spieker Ballroom provide intimate settings for music as well as for Café Conversations, master classes, and other Institute activities.

Menlo School’s commitment to learning and its welcoming atmosphere and beautiful grounds make it the ideal environment for audiences, Institute students, and the festival’s artist-faculty to share ideas and realize Music@Menlo’s educational mission, which serves festival audiences, Menlo School students, and the next generation of chamber musicians.

During the school year, Music@Menlo supports Menlo School’s commitment to instilling creative-thinking skills in all of its students. Music@Menlo’s annual Winter Residency brings classical music into the Menlo School classrooms with a series of special performances, discussions, and classroom presentations designed to introduce Menlo School students to a broad selection of chamber music masterpieces, all in the context of curricula ranging from American literature to foreign language studies.