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Schubert Disc 8 (2015)

<em>Schubert</em> Disc 8

Opening with Schubert’s expressive “Arpeggione” Sonata, performed here on viola, Disc 8 pays tribute to an array of distinguished composers whose works connect to Schubert in powerful ways—through lyricism, magical harmonies, drama, and, above all, a reverence for the vocal line as the most human element of music. In André Previn’s Vocalise, words were not even needed, and in Brahms’s Zwei Gesänge, op. 91, the addition of a singing viola part intensifies the vocal experience. John Harbison’s November 19, 1828 is a haunting evocation of Schubert’s last days and tells the poignant story of the composer, one week from his death, seeking to improve his art by taking a counterpoint lesson.

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Sonata in a minor, D. 821, "Arpeggione" | Franz Schubert (21:11)

  • Paul Neubauer, Viola
  • Juho Pohjonen, Piano

Vocalise for Soprano, Piano, and Cello | André Previn (4:27)

  • Joélle Harvey, Soprano
  • Hyeyeon Park, Piano
  • Keith Robinson, Cello

Zwei Gesänge for Voice, Viola, and Piano, op. 91 | Johannes Brahms (11:28)

Zwei Gesänge, op. 91
Gestillte Sehnsucht

In gold’nen Abendschein getauchet,
Wie feierlich die Wälder stehn!
In leise Stimmen der Vöglein hauchet
Des Abendwindes leises Weh’n.
Was lispeln die Winde, die Vögelein?
Sie lispeln die Welt in Schlummer ein.

Ihr Wünsche, die ihr stets euch reget
Im Herzen sonder Rast und Ruh!
Du Sehnen, das die Brust beweget,
Wann ruhest du, wann schlummerst du?
Beim Lispeln der Winde, der Vögelein,
Ihr sehnenden Wünsche, wann schlaft ihr ein?


Ach, wenn nicht mehr in gold’ne Fernen
Mein Geist auf Traumgefieder eilt,
Nicht mehr an ewig fernen Sternen
Mit sehnendem Blick mein Auge weilt;
Dann lispeln die Winde, die Vögelein
Mit meinem Sehnen mein Leben ein.

Friedrich Rückert (1788–1866)

Geistliches Wiegenlied

Die ihr schwebet
Um diese Palmen
In Nacht und Wind,
Ihr heilgen Engel,
Stillet die Wipfel!
Es schlummert mein Kind.

Ihr Palmen von Bethlehem
Im Windesbrausen,
Wie mögt ihr heute
So zornig sausen!
O rauscht nicht also!
Schweiget, neiget
Euch leis und lind;
Stillet die Wipfel!
Es schlummert mein Kind.

Der Himmelsknabe
Duldet Beschwerde,
Ach, wie so müd er ward
Vom Leid der Erde.
Ach nun im Schlaf ihm
Leise gesänftigt
Die Qual zerrinnt,
Stillet die Wipfel!
Es schlummert mein Kind.

Grimmige Kälte
Sauset hernieder,
Womit nur deck ich
Des Kindleins Glieder!
O all ihr Engel,
Die ihr geflügelt
Wandelt im Wind,
Stillet die Wipfel!
Es schlummert mein kind.

Emanuel von Geibel (1815–1884)/Lope de Vega (1562–1635)

Stilled Desire

Steeped in a golden evening glow,
how solemnly the forests stand!
In gentle voices the little birds breathe
into the soft fluttering of evening breezes.
What does the wind whisper, and the little birds?
They whisper the world into slumber.

You, my desires, that stir
in my heart without rest or peace!
You longings that move my heart,
when will you rest, when will you sleep?
By the whispering of the wind, and of the little birds?
You yearning desires, when will you fall asleep?


Alas, when no longer into the golden distance
does my spirit hurry on dream-wings,
when no more on the eternally distant stars
does my longing gaze rest;
Then the wind and the little birds
will whisper away my longing, along with my life.

Sacred Lullaby

You who hover
Around these palms
In night and wind,
You holy angels,
Silence the treetops!
My child is sleeping.

You palms of Bethlehem
In the roaring wind,
How can you today
Bluster so angrily!
O roar not so!
Be still, bow
Softly and gently;
Silence the treetops!
My child is sleeping.

The child of heaven
Endures the discomfort,
Oh, how tired he has become
Of earthly sorrow.
Oh, now in sleep,
Gently softened,
His pain fades,
Silence the treetops!
My child is sleeping.

Fierce cold
Comes rushing,
How shall I cover
The little child’s limbs?
O all you angels,
You winged ones
Wandering in the wind.
Silence the treetops!
My child is sleeping.

  • Sara Couden, Contralto
  • Gilbert Kalish, Piano
  • Arnaud Sussmann, Viola

November 19, 1828 for Piano, Violin, Viola, and Cello | John Harbison (18:43)

  • Gloria Chien, Piano
  • Laurence Lesser, Cello
  • Paul Neubauer, Viola
  • Danbi Um, Violin


  • Gloria Chien, Piano
  • Sara Couden, Contralto
  • Joélle Harvey, Soprano
  • Gilbert Kalish, Piano
  • Laurence Lesser, Cello
  • Paul Neubauer, Viola
  • Hyeyeon Park, Piano
  • Juho Pohjonen, Piano
  • Keith Robinson, Cello
  • Arnaud Sussmann, Viola
  • Danbi Um, Violin

<em>Schubert</em> Disc 8 Total Time: 0:55:48
Discs: 1
Price: $15.00
Year Recorded: 2015