• Led by Michael Parloff

    Encounter I: London, Paris, and St. Petersburg: Led by Michael Parloff

    While London, Paris, and St. Petersburg have historically shared numerous cross-cultural connections—from the inevitable cultural exchange across the English Channel to Italian opera’s equal seduction of English and Russian audiences—each city has nurtured a ...

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  • Led by Ara Guzelimian

    Encounter II: Leipzig and Berlin: Led by Ara Guzelimian

    Leipzig catalyzed arguably the greatest corpus in Western music history, as J. S. Bach’s music directorship in that city produced the St. Matthew Passion, Mass in b minor, and sheaves of chamber and orchestral works that ...

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  • Budapest and Vienna

    Encounter III: Budapest and Vienna

    One reigned for two centuries as the undisputed capital of Western music, nourishing composers from Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven to Schoenberg, Webern, and Berg. The other rose to prominence on a nationalist wave fueled ...

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