• Concertos and Cantatas

    Concert Program I: Concertos and Cantatas

    The festival season’s exploration of the music of Joseph Haydn begins on a celebratory note, connecting the father of the Classical style with the Baroque era’s greatest master. Concert Program I culminates in Johann ...

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  • From Haydn

    Concert Program II: From Haydn

    As with the symphony and string quartet, Haydn elevated the piano trio genre to one of Western music’s vital expressive mediums. His catalog of more than forty trios captures the essence of the Classical ...

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  • Cellos and Fugues

    Concert Program III: Cellos and Fugues

    As the viola da gamba gave way to the cello, composers explored the modern instrument’s powerful sonority in myriad ways, from Jean-Baptiste Barrière’s unique Sonata for Two Cellos to Haydn’s deployment of the instrument ...

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  • The Thrill of the Hunt

    Concert Program IV: The Thrill of the Hunt

    The thrill of the hunt has prompted composers throughout Western music history to create some of their most rousing works. Breathless, galloping tempi and proud melodies evocative of horn calls appear in works ranging ...

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  • Wind Variations

    Concert Program V: Wind Variations

    Largely by Haydn’s hand, the Classical era saw a newly innovative approach to instrumental writing. In the chamber music of the eighteenth century, wind instruments and their distinct timbres took on new expressive significance. ...

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  • Admiration

    Concert Program VI: Admiration

    “Before God and as an honest man,” Haydn remarked in 1785 to Leopold Mozart, “I tell you that your son is the greatest composer known to me either in person or by name; he ...

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  • A Little Fun

    Concert Program VII: A Little Fun

    “Papa” Haydn’s legendary sense of humor can be heard throughout his oeuvre, from the playful Surprise Symphony to the mischievous conclusion of the Joke Quartet. The crafty use of comedy as a means of ...

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  • Folk Spirit

    Concert Program VIII: Folk Spirit

    Music@Menlo’s 2020 season concludes with an irresistible program of works influenced by folk traditions. Haydn’s fascination with gypsy music, audible in the Rondo all’Ongarese of his Piano Trio in G Major, was shared a ...

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