• 1820–1830, Classical Twilight

    Concert Program III: 1820–1830, Classical Twilight

    In their final years, Beethoven and Schubert produced works of unparalleled importance to Western music history. Beethoven’s late works demonstrated such far-reaching vision that the composer himself conceded to his contemporaries, “They are not ...

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  • 1840–1850, Romantic Revolution

    Concert Program IV: 1840–1850, Romantic Revolution

    By the mid-nineteenth century, the Romantic age had reached its apex. The turbulence of the 1840s, from the conquest of the American West to the European revolutions of 1848, is vividly reflected in the ...

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  • 1890–1900, Moscow to Montmartre

    Concert Program V: 1890–1900, Moscow to Montmartre

    As the twentieth century approached, German and Austrian dominance of Western music began to fade, giving way to a galaxy of voices from France, Russia, Bohemia, and beyond. The late music of Brahms, emblematic ...

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  • 1920–1930, The Roaring Twenties

    Concert Program VI: 1920–1930, The Roaring Twenties

    In 1921, Russian influence expanded in the east, the Miss America pageant was born, and, for the first time, baseball was heard on the radio. The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s immortal documentation of ...

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  • 1990–2000, Music at the Millennium

    Concert Program VII: 1990–2000, Music at the Millennium

    A brilliant mosaic of musical voices illuminated the twentieth century’s final decade. Composers had a myriad of influences in their ears, from the world’s folk traditions to rock and roll. While such luminaries as ...

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