• <em>Concertos and Cantatas</em>

    Concert Program I  Concertos and Cantatas

    The festival begins on a celebratory note, connecting Joseph Haydn, the father of the Classical style, with the Baroque era’s greatest master, Johann Sebastian Bach. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, son ...

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  • <em>Wind Variations</em>

    Concert Program II  Wind Variations

    During the eighteenth century, divertimentos and serenades lived up to their names as pleasant “diversions” and musical gestures of affection. Often performed outdoors, the clear timbres of wind instruments could ...

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  • <em>The Thrill of the Hunt</em>

    Concert Program III  The Thrill of the Hunt

    Visual artists captured the exhilaration, drama, and deadliness of the hunt, and composers were similarly inspired, replicating the sonics and spirit of the chase through music. Indeed, Joseph Haydn’s very ...

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  • <em>Cellos and Fugues</em>

    Concert Program IV  Cellos and Fugues

    This eclectic program celebrates both a beloved instrument and classical music’s most rigorous contrapuntal form. Arguably the king of musical innovators, Joseph Haydn took from the past and created the ...

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  • <em>Admiration</em>

    Concert Program V  Admiration

    Bestowing possibly the greatest music review in history, Joseph Haydn remarked to Leopold Mozart in 1785, “Before God and as an honest man, I tell you that your son is ...

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  • <em>A Little Fun</em>

    Concert Program VI  A Little Fun

    A Little Fun celebrates music’s power to express the depths of profundity and the height of absurdity in a program that unashamedly combines the sublime with the ridiculous. Well-behaved all ...

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  • <em>From Haydn</em>

    Concert Program VII  From Haydn

    Haydn is well-known for his 104 symphonies and 68 string quartets, but his piano trios supply equal delight for listeners and inspiring challenges for performers. In this program, we hear ...

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  • <em>Folk Spirit</em>

    Concert Program VIII  Folk Spirit

    Great works have been inspired not only by lofty ideals, but also by the colorful music composers heard played as entertainment outside the concert hall. Among the most mesmerizing performers ...

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