• Gilbert Kalish

    Carte Blanche Concert I: Gilbert Kalish

    Though rightfully regarded as the father of the piano trio, string quartet, and symphony, Haydn remains underrecognized for his contribution to the solo keyboard literature. Yet Haydn also excelled in this arena, producing over ...

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  • Bella Hristova and Shai Wosner

    Carte Blanche Concert II: Bella Hristova and Shai Wosner

    Violinist Bella Hristova and pianist Shai Wosner present a recital program anchored by two violin sonatas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whom Haydn proclaimed “the greatest composer known to me either in person or by ...

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  • Michael Brown

    Carte Blanche Concert III: Michael Brown

    Pianist and composer Michael Brown offers a program of music inspired by nature, folklore, and mythology. Haydn’s Capriccio, based on the Austrian folk song “The Farmer’s Wife Has Lost Her Cat,” precedes musical homages ...

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