1710–1720, Bach Ascending

Antoine Coysevox (1640–1720). The Allegory of Fame astride Pegasus, 1701–1702, Carrara marble, Place de la Concorde, Paris, France. Photo credit: Timothy McCarthy Archive / Art Resource

Concert Program I

1710–1720, Bach Ascending

At the hands of Corelli, Vivaldi, Handel, and others, the music of the Baroque era reached new heights of complexity and expressive depth. But by the early eighteenth century, one supreme artist had emerged who would be recognized as history’s greatest composer three centuries later. The summer’s opening program brings together a colorful selection of music composed between 1710 and 1720, setting the stage for Bach’s resplendent First Brandenburg Concerto.


Evaristo Felice Dall’Abaco(1675–1742)
Trio Sonata in A Major, op. 3, no. 12 (1712)
Georg Philipp Telemann(1681–1767)
Violin Concerto in a minor, TWV 51: a1 (ca. 1708–1716)
Arcangelo Corelli(1653–1713)
Concerto Grosso in D Major, op. 6, no. 1 (1714)
George Frideric Handel(1685–1759)
Suite no. 1 in F Major, HWV 348, from Water Music (1717)
Tomaso Albinoni(1671–1751)
Double Oboe Concerto in C Major, op. 7, no. 2 (1715)
Antonio Vivaldi(1678–1741)
Concerto in g minor for Two Cellos, Strings, and Continuo, RV 531 (after 1710)
Johann Sebastian Bach(1685–1750)
Brandenburg Concerto no. 1 in F Major, BWV 1046 (before 1721)
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