Intermezzo Technical Assistance

For watching on our website or Facebook or Vimeo page

You can find our Facebook page here and our Vimeo page here

It’s best to use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browser – Make sure that the version you are using is up-to-date. Close other windows and programs that are running on your device.

Refresh your browser window if the video is not playing. You can also clear your browser’s cache and temporary data in your browser settings.

If you are still experiencing problems, try restarting your computer and wireless router by turning them off, waiting for one minute, and turning them on again.

If you are not hearing any sound but the video is playing, please make sure that the volume is on and turned up in the video as well as on your computer.

For joining our Zoom events

Please make sure that you have created a Zoom account in advance of the broadcast and downloaded the Zoom Desktop Client or Mobile App:

If you are still unable to view our live videos, you can call (650) 331 0202 and we will try to assist you.