Concert Program I

Baroque Splendor (Livestream)

Music from the Baroque era stimulates the senses, lifts the spirits, and inspires faith in all things good. The evolution of everything in music—from the art of counterpoint to the invention of new forms—transformed Baroque composers into unstoppable creators as they experimented with new musical styles and combinations of instruments. In this opening concert, we’ll experience six trailblazing composers showing their skills in a colorful collection of instruments and ensembles.


Georg Philipp Telemann(1681–1767)
Concerto in D major for Four Violins, TWV 40:202 (ca. 1720)
Giuseppe Torelli(1658–1709)
Sonata in D major for Trumpet, Strings, and Continuo, G. 1 (1690)
Antonio Vivaldi(1678–1741)
Concerto in A minor for Bassoon, Strings, and Continuo, RV 497 (ca.1720—24)
George Frederic Handel(1685–1759)
Eternal Source of Light Divine from Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne for Soprano, Trumpet, Strings, and Continuo, HWV 74 (1713)
Johann Sebastian Bach(1685–1750)
Aria from Cantata Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen for Soprano, Trumpet, Strings, and Continuo, BWV 51 (1730)
George Frederic Handel(1685–1759)
Let the Bright Seraphim from Samson for Soprano, Bassoon, Trumpet, Strings, and Continuo, HWV 57 (1741—42)
George Frederic Handel(1685–1759)
Per te lasciai la luce and Un pensiero voli in ciel from Il delirio amoroso for Soprano, Flute, Strings, and Continuo, HWV 99 (1707)
Antonio Vivaldi(1678–1741)
Concerto in D major for Flute, Strings, and Continuo, RV 428, Il gardellino (1729)
Francesco Geminiani(1687–1762)
Concerto Grosso no. 12 in D minor, H. 143, La follia (1726)