Winterreise (2019)


Music@Menlo LIVE announces the eagerly anticipated release of last summer’s performance of Schubert’s song cycle Winterreise, featuring baritone Nikolay Borchev and pianist Wu Han. Schubert’s innovations to the art song elevated the entire genre, transforming it from simple, domestic fare into a musical form of primary importance for composers of the Romantic generation and beyond. Winterreise, composed over roughly the final year and a half of Schubert’s life, not only stands as the crowning achievement of the composer’s oeuvre of lieder but also ranks among the greatest triumphs of the Western canon at large.

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Winterreise | Franz Schubert (1:08:33)

  • Nikolay Borchev, Baritone
  • Wu Han, Piano


  • Nikolay Borchev, Baritone
  • Wu Han, Piano

<em>Winterreise</em> Total Time: 1:08:33
Discs: 1
Price: $15.00
Year Recorded: 2019