Re-Encounter: <em>Winterreise</em> and Classical Twilight

The Schubert Series, Der Wanderer (The Wanderer), by Katia Setzer, 2015

Re-Encounter: Winterreise and Classical Twilight

Winterreise, composed over roughly the final year and a half of Schubert’s life, not only stands as the crowning achievement of the composer’s oeuvre of lieder but also ranks among the greatest triumphs of the Western canon at large. Encounter Leader Michael Parloff considers this singular masterpiece and its enduring resonance in a rebroadcast of his 2019 Encounter lecture, following the release of the new Music@Menlo festival recording of the work earlier in the day.
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Sunday 26Jul 2020
  • Re-Encounter: Winterreise and Classical Twilight

    12:00 PM

    Tickets: Free