Focus Residency I: Shakespeare and Goethe

Behind the Music with Patrick Castillo

A reimagining of our Winter Series, the two Music@Menlo:Focus Residencies will offer listeners opportunities to experience the festival’s signature chamber music programming in a bold, brand-new form. For the inaugural season, two popular Music@Menlo artists will curate multiday residencies, featuring captivating “Behind the Music” events led by Audience Engagement Director Patrick Castillo, and inspired by the festival’s hugely popular Encounter lectures. The residencies culminate in enthralling performances in a new concert venue, St. Bede’s Episcopal Church in Menlo Park.

To open the 2018–2019 residencies, Music@Menlo is proud to present Shakespeare and Goethe—a magical exploration of literary allusions in music. “Behind the Music” on November 8 will serve as an indispensable companion to the following evening’s concert program, with audiences guided by Patrick Castillo in an exploration of these two literary geniuses and their profound influence on Western music. We will take a deep dive into the impact of Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Faust, and Werther on the imagination of some of the most beloved composers of the Classical and Romantic periods. The musical works explored include Beethoven’s Ghost Trio, Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and works by Schubert and Lizst. Live musical interludes will feature; join us to explore the captivating crossover of literature and classical music!
Just published! Read an insightful, in-depth Q&A with Hyeyeon Park about the upcoming Shakepeare and Goethe Residency, and her journey from CMI student to artist and curator.