Livestream Concert Programs and Quartet Cycle Performances.

  • <em>Baroque Tableau</em> (livestream)

    Concert Program I  Baroque Tableau (livestream)

    The golden age of the Baroque saw musical explosions of invention across Europe; mathematical precision in Germany contrasted French flights of fancy in Versailles. In this opening program, J. S. ...

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  • Complete Livestream Subscription

    Concert Programs  Complete Livestream Subscription

    With a livestream subscription you will get access to video recordings of all seven Concert Programs. Watch along in real time or revisit the performances on demand for one week ...

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  • <em>Vienna to Paris</em> (livestream)

    Concert Program II  Vienna to Paris (livestream)

    Vienna and Paris have long been cultural powerhouses, from the visual to the literary to the musical. Joseph Haydn, the founder of the Classical style, and W. A. Mozart, who ...

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  • <em>Quartets and Harps</em> (livestream)

    Concert Program III  Quartets and Harps (livestream)

    Like Mozart, Maurice Ravel excelled in every genre he touched, and his single string quartet is considered among the greatest composed. And when speaking of favorite quartets, no one would ...

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  • <em>Trios and Trumpets</em> (livestream)

    Concert Program IV  Trios and Trumpets (livestream)

    Anchored by one ensemble and one instrument, Trios and Trumpets gathers music from Austria, Hungary, and France. The piano trio is represented by W. A. Mozart and Cécile Chaminade, the ...

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  • <em>Piano/Piano</em> (livestream)

    Concert Program V  Piano/Piano (livestream)

    After Mozart and Beethoven established the piano as an essential force in classical music, Russian and French Romantic composers took the instrument to the next level. Yet these distinct ...

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  • <em>Vocal Exchange</em> (livestream)

    Concert Program VI  Vocal Exchange (livestream)

    Vocal Exchange juxtaposes treasured songs from three cultures. Without needing to understand a single word, listeners will experience national flavors through the very sounds of the languages. Russian-American soprano Erika ...

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  • <em>Renascence</em> (livestream)

    Concert Program VII  Renascence (livestream)

    With the passage of time, artists can disappear into obscurity while some emerge as immortal. The American George Crumb, who passed away in 2022, is undoubtedly in the pantheon of ...

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