Concert Program II

1790–1800, Beethoven Launched

Mozart’s death in 1791 marked an abrupt end to one of history’s most incandescent artistic careers. The following year, the twenty-two-year-old Beethoven traveled to Vienna, where, under Haydn’s tutelage, he inherited—and then transformed—the Classical tradition. This dynamic program offers a snapshot of the eighteenth century’s final decade, when Haydn, the elder statesman of the Classical era, gave way to the voice of a new century.


Joseph Haydn(1732–1809)
Piano Trio in d minor, Hob. XV: 23 (1795)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(1756–1791)
String Quintet in E-flat Major, K. 614 (1791)
Ludwig van Beethoven(1770–1827)
Trio in B-flat Major for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano, op. 11 (1797)
Ludwig van Beethoven(1770–1827)
Quintet in E-flat Major for Winds and Piano, op. 16 (1796)
Wednesday 17Jul 2019