Led by Michael Parloff

Charles F. Borup. “Piccadilly Circus, London, at Night,” black-and-white photo. From Penrose’s Pictorial Annual 1908–1909, An Illustrated Review of the Graphic Arts, volume 14

Encounter I: London, Paris, and St. Petersburg

Led by Michael Parloff

While London, Paris, and St. Petersburg have historically shared numerous cross-cultural connections—from the inevitable cultural exchange across the English Channel to Italian opera’s equal seduction of English and Russian audiences—each city has nurtured a distinct musical identity. London, the capital of the country once derided as “the land without music,” today rivals Paris as one of Western music’s quintessential locales. Once a musical desert, St. Petersburg similarly rose over generations to have tremendous cultural influence. Returning Encounter Leader Michael Parloff opens the 2018 season, guiding audiences on a tour of these three intriguing cosmopolises.