The Glorious Violin: Opening Day!

Friday, July 14, 2017

The festival artists were already well-established on the Menlo School campus, having been rehearsing the first weekend’s wonderful concert programs. Staff and interns were busy preparing the concert venues to welcome our first guests who attended Encounter lecture I.

In the opening Encounter of the summer, Escher String Quartet violinist Aaron Boyd traced the violin’s history from its hazy origins to its apogee at the hands of Antonio Stradivari, Antonio Vivaldi, and J. S. Bach, examining the creative synergy between the instrument’s earliest performers and composers. Martin Family Hall on the Menlo School campus was packed for what proved to be a hugely successful and insightful opening to our three-week celebration of the beauty of the violin.

Each day throughout this fifteenth-anniversary festival, we’ll be updating you with what’s on, what’s happened, and what the highlights of the festival are, along with a few select photos of the days’ activities. Check back with us throughout the next three weeks to see all of the artistic, musical, and social happenings of Music@Menlo 2017, The Glorious Violin!