<em>A Little Fun</em>

Sooyun Kim by Tristan Cook

Concert Program VI

A Little Fun

A Little Fun celebrates music’s power to express the depths of profundity and the height of humor. Well-behaved all the way to its conclusion, Joseph Haydn’s quartet nick-named The Joke plays a cunning prank on the audience, and Charles Ives’s only piano trio combines transcendental serenity with the outrageousness of its scherzo, titled TSIAJ (This Scherzo is a Joke). The twentieth-century Russians Alfred Schnittke and Dmitry Shostakovich supply doses of ironic humor, and Haydn gets the last word with a clever arrangement for chamber ensemble of his Surprise Symphony.

This concert is preceded by a free afternoon Prelude Performance at 5 p.m. by the 2022 International Program artists.

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Joseph Haydn(1732–1809)
String Quartet in E-flat major, op. 33, no. 2, Hob. III:38, The Joke (1781)
Charles Ives(1874–1954)
Piano Trio, op. 86 (ca. 1909–1910, rev. ca. 1914–1915)
Alfred Schnittke(1934–1998)
Moz-Art for Two Violins, after Mozart K. 416d (1976)
Dmitry Shostakovich(1906–1975)
Polka for String Quartet (1931)
Joseph Haydn(1732–1809)
Symphony no. 94 in G major, Hob. I:94, Surprise (1791) (arr. Salomon)
Wednesday 7Aug 2024
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