Carte Blanche Concert III

Bella Hristova, violin; Shai Wosner, piano

Violinist Bella Hristova and pianist Shai Wosner present a recital program anchored by two violin sonatas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whom Haydn proclaimed to be “much my superior.” The program also features two fantasies that highlight the celestial quality of these sonatas: Mozart’s Fantasy in C minor, completed by Robert Levin, and David Serkin Ludwig’s haunting Swan Song, the latter an homage to the fantasies of Franz Schubert.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(1756–1791)
Violin Sonata in F major, K. 377 (1781)
David Serkin Ludwig(Born 1974)
Swan Song (2013)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(1756–1791)
Fantasy in C minor, K. 396 (1782, completed by Levin)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(1756–1791)
Violin Sonata in B-flat major, K. 454 (1784)


Thursday 4Aug 2022