2018 Audionotes

2018 Season: Creative Capitals

To DOWNLOAD the MP3 files, right-click (for MacOS, control+click) on the file name (the red text). Your computer will ask for instructions on where to save the file. (The language for your computer will vary—look for language like “save linked file as…” or something similar.) You may then use your preferred audio software (such as iTunes) to listen to the AudioNote(s).

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Concert Program I: London

Download: AN2018-CP I.mp3

Concert Program II: Paris

Download: AN2018-CP II.mp3

Concert Program III: St. Petersburg

Download: AN2018-CP III.mp3

Concert Program IV: Leipzig

Download: AN2018-CP IV.mp3

Concert Program V: Berlin

Download: AN2018-CP V.mp3

Concert Program VI: Budapest

Download: AN2018-CP VI.mp3

Concert Program VII: Vienna

Download: AN2018-CP VII.mp3

Carte Blanche Concert I: Paul Huang and Wu Han

Download: AN2018-CB I.mp3

Carte Blanche Concert II: Calidore String Quartet

Download: AN2018-CB II.mp3

Carte Blanche Concert III: Dmitri Atapine and Hyeyeon Park

Download: AN2018-CB III.mp3

Carte Blanche Concert IV: Paul Neubauer and Michael Brown

Download: AN2018-CB IV.mp3