Artist Bio

Maggie Bai, piano

Maggie Bai is a young musician who has been playing the piano since the age of four. Her love for music and the piano has led her to win several competitions including the Grand Prize at the 2022 International Young Artists Competition and the Gold Medal, Division I in the 2021 Steinway Society Piano Competition. Despite her busy schedule, Maggie manages to find time for other hobbies such as swimming and singing. She is passionate about swimming and finds it to be a great way to stay active and unwind after a long day of practicing the piano. In addition to swimming, Maggie enjoys singing and often participates in local talent shows, showcasing her vocal talents. Maggie is currently a student at Memorial Spaulding Elementary School, where she excels academically and enjoys learning about Chinese history. Maggie developed an interest for chamber music and has appreciated the opportunities to meet new friends and play together with others who have an equal passion for music.